I was born in 1973 and stopped breathing for 4 minutes. The result left me with a disability called Cerebral Palsy. I was a very sick baby and had pneumonia multiple times along with seizures. God healed me of seizures, and I haven’t had one sine I was around 2 weeks old.

Educationally speaking, I have a regular high school diploma along with a four-year degree in Information Systems, which is basically computer programming. Currently, I work for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office as a Software Developer in Tampa, FL.

I invited Jesus into my heart when I was in eighth grade while in Sunday School. I knew God was responsible for helping me throughout my life, but I didn’t know how He could use me. After all, I’m disabled.

When I was a junior in college, God called me to sing. I eventually answered the call and sang my first song on December 3, 1989. Six months later, I joined a concert ministry called Concert For Christ, which I stayed with for eight years. After leaving that ministry, I sang wherever God opened the door and sang in duets, trios, quartets, ensembles, and choirs.

I became a songwriter in 2002, and have written songs for singing convention songbooks. Some of my songs include He Leads Me, Be With Me, What A Place, I Will Sing About the Lord, and a couple others.

In 2005, I was ordained as a deacon. I served as Deacon in my former church for a total of five years. I was honored to serve alongside my dad the last year I served as Deacon just before I got married.

I married the love of my life in 2011. We decided to live in the Tampa area where we still live today.

Despite my disability, God has used me in ways I never thought possible. I’m living proof that God can use anybody. He always gives me exactly what I need to carry out His Will. The best part is He can use you too! All it takes is faith in Him and a willing heart.